Save Your Sanity - Ultimate Puppy Training Course

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Is your puppy biting and mouthing? Troubles crate training? Accidents in the house? Follow our Save Your Sanity Training to set you and your pup up for success!

The Save Your Sanity course includes all the foundational information for you and your pooch (young and old!) This training will help you understand the obedience side but also understand the psychology behind the behaviours and learn what to do in those situations.....all the while having lots of fun!

The popular Save Your Sanity course covers everything you need to know about laying a solid foundation of training for your puppy. Including Consistency, Patience & Repetition, Canine Enrichment, Dog Scent Receptors, Cues, Redirecting & Rewarding, Potty Training, Crate Training, Setting Schedules, Leash Manners and so much more!

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