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Orleans Only

Socializing your dog as well as providing mental & physical exercise is so important.  A Tired Dog is a Good Dog!   

IMAGINE coming home to a chill & relaxed fur baby because they had an awesome adventure with EBDT! Check out the new services being offered!


    🐾  Open Pack Walks FREE!  Come join Finlay & I on our walk! Every Tuesday in November at 7:30 A.M. there will be an Open Pack Walk for whoever wants to join, on or off-leash, at Heritage Dog Park (Orleans Blvd). 


    • FREE!
      • Walks start at the beginning of the trail on the left when you pull into the parking lot. You will see my white car with the EBDT magnet on it.
        • Tue, Nov 3rd - 7:30 a.m.
        • Tue, Nov 10th - 7:30 a.m.
        • Tue, Nov 17th - 7:30 a.m
        • Tue, Nov 24th - 7:30 a.m.


    🐾  Structured Pack Walks  - These sessions will be a Structured Pack Walk.  Everyone (max 10 dogs) will be spaced out (10') and we will go for a neighbourhood walk (routes will change - will be in Orleans only).  During the walk you will be asking your dog for looks,  work on pulling, turning around quickly, front, side, touches, sit, downs, there will be sniffari time etc. These are not playtime walks. These walks are to practice and reinforce good leash manners.  


    • 45min - 90min - $10/pack walk +hst   *non-refundable or transferable
        • Sat, Nov 14th - (10 spots only!) - 5:00pm
        • Sat, Nov 28th - (10 spots only!) - 5:00pm

      🐾  Socialization Playdates  - These sessions will be a variety of off-leash play as well as pack walks with 4 dogs maximum.  Dogs will be matched by size and playstyle.

      There will be 3 Play Groups (Alpha 10:00 a.m, Bravo 11:00 a.m, Charlie 12:00 p.m). Groups will be formed once everyone has registered.


      • 45min - $15/playdate +hst *non-refundable or transferable
        • Sun, Nov 15th (12 spots only! 4 dogs/playgroup)  10am-12:00pm.
        • Sun, Nov 29th (12 spots only! 4 dogs/playgroup)  10am-12:00pm.

        🐾  Leash Manners Breezer - A dedicated 30min Leash Manner walk to work on pulling, focus, impulse control and more.  These sessions can be just the dog and I or we go together!


        • 30min - $30/session (ON-SALE! Regular $40/session) +hst
          • Schedule when it is convenient for you.

        🐾  Recall Breezer - A dedicated 30min Recall Training Breezer to work on paying attention and coming when called. These sessions can be just the dog and I or we go together!


        • 30min - $30/session (ON-SALE! Regular $40/session) +hst
          • Schedule when it is convenient for you.

        These services are currently exclusive only to Easy Breezy Dog Training clients in Orleans.  Space is limited! Reserve your fur baby’s spot today!

        Invest Today for a Happier Tomorrow!


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