Group Social Breezers

Group Social Breezers

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Group Social Breezers &

Free Pack Walks


These classes & walks are exclusive for current & former clients of EBDT.

Socializing your dog with other dogs is so important!  Let's do it in a safe and controlled manner.  These 45min sessions will be a structured play session with other clients and their dogs (4 dogs max)


You can now socialize your dog safely weekly! One week is a FREE Pack Walk, the following week is a Group Social Breezer, available indoor & outdoor.


Invest in a Happy Household! 



Available Dates (Limited Space for Breezers)

  • Sunday, October 9th - 10:00am - Group Breezer
  • Wednesday, October 12th -  12:00pm - Free Pack Walk (lunchtime walk)
  • Monday,  October 17th - 5:00pm - Group Breezer (small-medium)
  • Monday, October 17th - 6:00pm - Group Breezer
  • Tuesday,   October 25th - 5:30pm - Free Pack Walk - Stray Dog Brewery - 501 Lacolle Way, Orleans

Pack Walks location - Place D'Orleans Park & Ride (except for the last one of the month)

**All passes are non-refundable and not transferable to another day UNLESS EBDT cancels due to weather or illness.



$30/pass for outdoor (my backyard)

You can select as many passes as you'd like! Buy four passes and receive $10 OFF! Please send an email if you would like to invest in four passes (passes can be used anytime!)


*Minimum 3 dogs per class, max 4.