Puppy League

Puppy League

  • $388.00

Puppy League
The ABC’s
Let’s work together to set YOU, your family and your fur baby up for success in your first year!  IMAGINE having ALL of the support needed to raise and train your pup to be the BEST behaved and socialized dog.  EBDT will be with you throughout the craziness of puppyhood and give you the tools and solid foundation of training for your puppy!

    • This package includes the following:
      • 12 Training Sessions 
        • If you haven’t gotten your puppy yet - 1 session prior to you getting your pup to ensure you are set-up for your first month.
        • 11 training sessions scheduled approximately one month apart will ensure we stay on top of all the puppy craziness!!  We will cover A - Z dog obedience, socialization, potty & crate training, body handling desensitization and much more!! 
        • Each training session is recorded.  
      • Before Your Puppy Arrives - A printout of suggested items to have before your puppy arrives. 
      • Checklist of Games to play with your dog.
        • Brain Games - Mental Enrichment 
        • Physical Exercises 
        • Body Handling Desensitization (touching paws, brushing, etc)
        • Obedience Training
      • Dog Body Language Presentation.  Dogs do speak! Learn all the subtle cues that our beloved pet gives us and what they mean.
      • 5 - 15min Video Check-Ins.
        • Check-in between to see how the training is going and adjust if needed. 

 Only $97/month

Buy Now & Receive for FREE!
 Enrichment Toy
 Treat Pouch
 Tug-O-Lot Toy 
 Agenda (keep track of goals and progress) 
PAY IN FULL and receive 2 FREE Board & Train Nights 
($120 Value!!!)
(3 monthly payments of $388)
Add On’s:
10 Nights Passes
Get 1 FREE Night! 
Can be used anytime.  Even blackout dates.
15 Nights Passes
Get 2 FREE Nights! 
Can be used anytime.  Even blackout dates.
(for Orleans clients only)
3 Pack Walks per Week (Tue-Thu 12 walks/month) - $275

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