Dog Walking & Drop-In Services

Dog Walking & Drop-In Services
Easy Breezy Dog Training (EBDT) is now offering Dog Walking services to clients in Orleans!   Socializing your dog as well as providing mental & physical exercise is so important.  A Tired Dog is a Good Dog!  

IMAGINE coming home to a chill & relaxed fur baby because they had an awesome adventure with EBDT! Check out the new services being offered!

🐾 Pack Walk - This is a great option for well-socialized dogs.  The Pack Walks will include 3-4 dogs that have similar play styles.  Each dog will be picked up at their house and brought to my home to play and run around in my fenced-in backyard. These playdates are supervised and will ensure proper play etiquette between dogs. Each Pack Walk will be between 50-60min long and then the dogs will be returned to your house (expect your dog to be gone 90min-2hrs). 
  • Morning or Afternoon walks available.
  • 2-week package.  Investing in 2 weeks at a time helps ensure we know what dogs we have, their personalities & playstyles and we can match up the dogs and set them up for success….and FUN! 
  • For the month of December, Pack Walks will be 3x per week on Tuesdays-Thursdays.  5 days per week will begin January 2020.
  • 3x/week - $23/day (2-week packages starting Tuesday, Dec 3rd) 
  • 5x/week - $20/day (2-week packages starting Jan 2020) 

🐾 Anytime Pack Walks -This is the same as the Pack Walks except these passes can be used whenever you like. Once a week, twice a week, once a month…..anytime!


  • $25ea - (minimum 4 Anytime Pass. Can be used anytime). 
    • Starting Jan 2020

🐾 Private Sniffari Walk - If your dog is more of an introvert and would enjoy a leash walk where they can sniff and sniff and walk a bit and sniff some more, the Private Sniffari walk would be perfect for them!  EBDT comes to your house and will bring your dog for a Sniffari Walk which means we will let your dog’s nose do the walking! Letting the dog follow its nose is a great mental enrichment and brain game.  Your dog will love exploring and smelling the neighbourhoods. It’s not about the distance. A Sniffari walk will tire your dog more than a 5km walk!

  • 30min - $25/walk *add $8 for extra dog*
  • 45min - $30/walk *add $8 for extra dog*
    • Starting January 2020

🐾 Breeze-In - If you have a puppy or a senior dog that you need EBDT to come by and let outside for a quick potty break, the Breeze-In is a 15min service that will help ensure your fur baby is able to relieve itself during the day.  We can breeze-in more than once if needed!

  • 15min - $15/drop-in
    • Starting January 2020

🐾 Drop-in Training Session - Professional Dog Trainer works 1:1 with your dog on a pre-agreed upon training plan. These can include working on leash manners, barking, jumping, crate training, general obedience and more! This will help reinforce newly learned behaviours.  If you have a puppy, these sessions can be used for crate training exercises, or husbandry exercises (get them used to have their nails trimmed, brushed, teeth cleaned etc) or anything else you would like EBDT to work on. 

  • 30min - $40/session (Regular Private Training rates apply)
    • Available immediately

The 3x/week Pack Walks will begin on Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019 with a full rollout of the New Services starting in the New Year!  The 3x/week Pack Walks will be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays.

In January 5x/week Pack Walks will be available. *Evening & Weekends are not being offered at this time, however, if there is demand, it can be something EBDT offers in the future.  Please make sure to tell us if this is something you would want!*

There will be a $25 Administrative fee (One-time payment).  EBDT will visit you & your dog to get a spare key or passcode info and also any instruction and other pertinent info (where the leash is kept, harness, towel, water bowl etc).
These services are currently exclusive only to Easy Breezy Dog Training clients.  Space is limited! Reserve your fur baby’s spot today!

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