Ultimate Social Bundle Dog Training

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Ultimate Social Bundle

A mix of Private In-Home Dog Training & Socialization Playdates

Thinking of joining the Pack?

EBDT's most popular social bundle gives you everything you need to set you and your dog up for success!


This training program includes;

  • Virtual Session (1hr-1st session) +
  • Private In-Home Training Sessions (3 - 1hr training) + 
  • Social Breezers (3 passes)
  • Lifetime support!


    • Work on any challenges you are having.
    • Socialize your dog in a controlled and safe manner.
    • You will learn what to do when your puppy bites and jumps on you.
    • Work on recall.
    • You will practice loose leash walking.
    • Learn how to engage their brain and tire them out!
    • You will be taught how they communicate and much more!
    • See below for BONUS!!

    Limited spots Private Training clients must be within 25km of Place D'Orleans mall.



    Virtual Dog Training Session - 1hr

    The ever-popular Save Your Sanity ebook will provide you with a solid foundation of information on setting up a schedule for your pooch, crate and potty training, how to tire and enrich your dog's life using mental enrichment games and so much more! You will receive a free copy of the eBook, worksheets and the pre-recording of the session. 

    Social Breezers (3 passes - 45min)

    You will come to my backyard for a structured playdate where you will learn about proper play etiquette, learn about dog body language and what it all means, when to interrupt play and we will also be practicing recall and leash manner exercises.  

    Private In-Home Dog Training (3 passes - 1hr)

    During your first Private In-Home training session we can cover anything you would like. You will receive homework postcards to help you practice. You will also be invited to a private Facebook group (Enriched Dog) where there will be daily & weekly training videos and tips and tricks and chances of winning prizes!

    You book at your convenience!!  Hours are Mon-Fri 10am-8pm, Sat 10am-6pm & Sun 10am-4pm.


    The Ultimate Social Bundle will set EVERYONE up for success and we will have lots of fun setting a solid foundation of dog training for your dog! Your bundle includes:

    • 1 Virtual Training 
    • 3 Socialization Breezers
    • 3 Private In-Home Training Sessions
    • Save Your Sanity eBook
    • Homework postcards
    • Worksheets
    • BONUS
      • Enrichment Starter Pack includes:
        • Treat Pouch
        • Tug-O-Lot Toy
        • New Book!! Brain Games For Your Dog
      • 2-week Mental Enrichment Schedule
      • Kong Recipes
      • Learn to Speak Dog - Dog Body Language 101 webinar
      • FREE Pack Walks
      • Lifetime Support!

    $697.97 Investment (+hst) 

    Ultimate Social Bundle is transferable but not refundable. Private Training clients must be within 25km of Place D'Orleans mall.

    Invest Today for a Happier Tomorrow!


    Please remember to use the same email that you wish to register to the course with at check out.