Private In-Home Training

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Dog Behaviour Training  

New dog or puppy?

Feeling frustrated with the biting, jumping, barking or other behaviours?

New rescue?

Are you having some challenges with your pooch and want some help in your home?  Let's work together to set a solid foundation of training for your pooch. You will learn how they communicate with us, the importance of mental and physical exercises and you will receive many ideas on how to engage and train your dog to be the best-behaved and well-socialized pup for your family. 


3 Private In-Home Training Passes (1hr/pass)


  • Save Your Sanity eBook
  • Learn to speak dog webinar
  • Homework postcards
  • Worksheets
  • FREE Pack Walks
  • Access to Group Social Breezer Playdates


$399.97 +hst

Bonus! FREE Treat Pouch

*Must be within 25km from Place D'Orleans mall. Passes are non-refundable but they are transferable..


Please remember to use the same email that you wish to register to the course with at check out.