Agility Fun

Agility Fun

  • $120.00

Agility Fun!

Agility is a great way to exercise and tire your dog physically and mentally.  

Is your dog nervous? Fearful? Has separation anxiety? 

Agility class will help increase your dogs confidence!

The trust between you and your dog will deepen because your dog has to depend on your hand and verbal instructions to get through the course.

You and your pooch will learn;



Pause table


& more!  

Each additional class, more obstacles will be introduced to challenge you & your dog.  

Purchase agility passes and book the day & time that works for you.

Easy Breezy.

 45min private instructed agility class​ followed by

15min mental enrichment scent activity 

4 Passes - $120 Investment

6 Passes - $165 Investment

Unlimited people & dogs!  Passes are transferable.

You book the day & time!! 


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