Board & Train Academy

Board & Train Academy

  • $49.97

Board & Train Academy 

*No longer accepted new clients-Only available for Private Training clientele*

Get the most from your Investment!  

Feeling frustrated with your dog’s behaviour?
Tired of your dog constantly barking or jumping?
Is your dog a nightmare on a leash?
Would you like a few days a month to sleep in?

Set your dog up for success!  We will discuss your training goals and ensure we work with your dog on the desired training plan while you are away.  Clients have noticed big changes in their dog’s behaviour after staying with EBDT.  

Your pooch will stay in my home and will be part of my pack!  We can work on a number of behavioural challenges except for aggression issues and severe separation anxiety.

  • Puppy Foundation
  • Barking
  • Jumping
  • Leash manners
  • Obedience
  • Recall 

Plus much more!!

A typical day at Easy Breezy Dog Training will include mental & physical exercise activities, lots of dog and people socialization and body handling desensitization (this includes nail care, dental care, brushing and grooming, cleaning of eyes and ears, and more).  As well as various training sessions throughout the day to ensure all goals are accomplished.

Only up to 3 dogs board at a time which gives a lot of time for individual training as well as socialization and learning proper play etiquette.

🐾 Dogs over 1-year-old  

Invest in Multi-Passes and Save!
10 Passes
Get 1 Extra Night FREE! 
15 Passes
Get 2 Extra Nights FREE! 
Passes can be used anytime.
Even blackout dates!
🐾  Puppies under  1-year-old  
Invest in 10 Passes & receive a
FREE Enrichment Mat & Tug-O-Lot Toy
Before Noon - no extra charge
12pm-4pm - +Half rate
4pm+ - +Full rate

Sleep in, enjoy the quiet & recharge!

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