Brain Game Mat!

  • $19.99

Canine Enrichment is so important for your dogs' mental health! 
These enrichment mats will engage your fur baby's brain. It’s about putting hunting and foraging skills to use.  Incorporating brain games into your dog's everyday life will ensure a fulfilled and TIRED dog!  
These enrichment mats are handmade by a local Ottawa woman.  Pascale owns Mama Milne Quilts and will be selling these pawsome mats through the Easy Breezy Dog Store 
Each is custom made with fleece and you can decide the # of squares and which brain game you think your dog would like best!
2 Squares - $19.99
4 Squares - $39.99
6 Squares - $59.99


$5 from every enrichment mat sold in the month of December will be donated to the Ottawa Humane Society

Have your dog unwrap the Brain Game Mat at 

Twice the enrichment fun! 


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