Cat Toys

  • $4.99

Easy Breezy Dog Training loves supporting young entrepreneurship!

The Tug-O-Lot Cat Toy is woven together with colourful strips of fleece, creating an engaging toy to use during playtime. This toy will encourage your cat's active side and stimulate their hunting senses. You'll have fun watching them pounce, kick, and swat these around!

This product is handmade by my 13-year-old nephew, Hagan, who started selling these toys to save up money and enter the world of business. He keeps 100% of the profits and pays for any expenses.  He is learning about profit margins, marketing, advertising, and e-commerce. He is having a lot of fun making these!

You get all THREE toys for only $4.99! 
You will receive a small and large toy and an octopus-shaped one. 

To clean just toss them in the washing machine and hang dry. Easy Breezy.

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