Private Training

Private Training

  • $99.97

Invest in a Happy Household!

Having some behavioural issues? 

Bad habits you want to stop?

Want to learn a good training foundation for your pup?

Get the most out of dog training with 1 on 1 sessions. A customizable program tailored to you and your dog.  

Easy Breezy Dog Training will work around your schedule and ensure your objectives are met.  


New Year Special!

Ultimate New Year Bundle

1  Virtual Training Session

The option of having it as our first session or

used to review videos of your training progress.


3  Leash Manner OR Recall Breezer's 

A dedicated 30min training session to work on Recall or Leash Manners.
These sessions can be just the dog and I or we go together!


5  Private In-Home Training Sessions

Get the most out of dog training with 1 on 1 sessions. A customizable program tailored to you and your dog.  


A training plan will be created and you will receive the

Enriched Dog Ebook which includes Tips, Ideas,

Sample Schedule & Worksheets 


$499 Investment (+hst)

   FREE Enrichment Toy
    Priority to Group Class (Feb)
Offer expires Jan 31st/21


Let's work together to create a Happy Household!



3 Private In-Home Training Sessions

$275 Investment +hst


5 Private In-Home Training Sessions

$397 Investment +hst


* 1-hour per session

*extra travel charge may apply depending on time & location

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