Private Training

Private Training

  • $99.97

Private Dog Training 


Imagine the fun you can have while training your puppy to be the best-behaved and well-socialized they can be! Get the most out of dog training with these 1-on-1 private sessions. Enjoy this customizable program tailored for you and your dog.   


Easy Breezy Dog Training will work with your schedule to ensure your objectives are met.  


Training Packages


1  Virtual Training Session 

Our first session to go over some foundational information on dog body language, mental enrichment and also includes the "Save Your Sanity" eBook and Training Plan.

3  Socialization Playdates

40-minute playdate with another dog(s), where you learn about proper play etiquette, play body language, when to interrupt, and lots of recall practice.


5  Private In-Home Training Sessions

Get the most out of dog training with 1-on-1 sessions.

Depending on what we are working on we would meet at your home indoors or outdoors, at a park, my backyard, stores etc.

A training plan will be created, and you will receive the "Save Your Sanity" eBook, which includes tips, ideas, sample schedules, and worksheets. 


$499 Investment (+HST)

FREE Enrichment Toy & Treat Pouch

FREE Weekly Pack Walks (East End)
Priority to Group Classes

Limited Space!



3 Private In-Home Training Sessions

Pricing: $275 (+HST)


5 Private In-Home Training Sessions

Pricing: $397 (+HST)


*1 hour per session

*extra travel charge may apply depending on time & location

(30km from Place D'Orleans)

Invest in a Happy Household!



Coming Soon!

Client-only Training Portal with dozens of Training Videos, Modules and Tips & Tricks!

Let's work together to create a Happy Household!



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