Top Enrichment Toys for 2023 - Tire out your pooch!

Looking for the BEST toys to tire out your pooch during the holidays?

You may think that in order to tire out your puppy or dog, we need to make them run, play fetch, crazy playtime with a friend, but all that is doing is adrenaline, adrenaline, adrenaline!  

How do you feel after a workout or playing a sport? Energized correct? How about after studying or focusing on a complicated task? Tired....brain dead! This is what mental exercise does for your pup! 

There are six categories of Canine Enrichment. Below are Easy Breezy client's Top Enrichment Toys & Games. Enriched Dog is a Tired Dog!

Flirt Pole

Do you have a dog that likes to chase squirrels and rabbits? This is a great tool for impulse control! You have them sit and wait, while you tease and them release them to chase it around. Once they get it, you practice drop-it and repeat! Fantastic way to tire out a dog in a short amount of time!

*Bonus tip - do you have a dog that pulls and doesn't listen on leash? Play 5-8 minutes with the flirt pole BEFORE the walk, followed by a few minutes of sniffing for kibble/treats in the grass, THEN go for a walk!


Squirrel Tree

The Hide A Squirrel dog puzzle is great fun for meal times! The trunk comes in various sizes. This was Breeze's favorite toy to eat her meals in! Hide your dog's breakfast or dinner in the trunk, stuff the squirrels back in and watch your dog work it's brain trying to get to the food!

Treat Tumble Treat-Dispensing Puzzle Toy

Start your pups off with a level 1 Treat Tumble dog toy from Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound! This brightly-colored blue and yellow small treat-dispensing ball is a fun way to introduce puzzle games to your pup.  


Purple Squirrel

Stands up to aggressive chewing and the fun bounce of the squirrel keeps dogs playing longer! This durable food dispensing toy is great for larger pieces of kibble or treats. Fill up the squirrel with your dog's meal and watch the squirrel bounce around dropping food for them to find!



Prolong play with this mentally stimulating dog chew toy that can be filled with kibble or treats. This is a great toy to fill up with kibble and then add some soft food, pumpkin, plain yogurt etc. Throw it in the freezer for added fun and a prolonged challenge! The larger opening is great for dogs with smaller snouts or smooshy faces!

Licky Mat

Just smear peanut butter, pumpkin, yogurt or their favourite paté on the lick mat. Licking is very calming for dogs! Great tool for when you are clipping nails or brushing. Throw it in the freezer to make it last longer!



My personal go-to to tire out Finlay in a short amount of time is Circuit Training. Pick 3-6 basic commands and repeat them a few times.  Set a timer, have fun and these mini-training sessions will help deepen that bond with you and your dog! In the Kids & Adult coloring book, there is 10 circuits with videos. Click below to view the above circuit!


Tornado puzzle toy

Nina Ottosson has a number of challenging puzzle toys! The Tornado is one of Finlay's favourites. You can increase the challenge by wrapping it up in a towel, putting in a box or hiding it around the house!

Chilly Penguin

Stuff your dog's wet food or smear some natural peanut or plain yogurt and throw it in the freezer. They will spend time licking to try to get their treats. This is great for teething puppies!

Brain Game For Your Dog book

Mental exercise = dopamine, calm & tiredness.

Physical exercise = adrenaline & energy

This is why I wrote the book, Brain Games For Your Dog! Engaging your dog's senses will satisfy them and keep them calm and tired. With over 50 ideas along with DIY videos, this book is fun for all! Most of the ideas are with items you find around the house and are free!


Kong Wobbler

Kong is the KING of durable dog enrichment toys.  The Original Kong is another great addition to your enrichment toys. This version, the Wobbler is great for dog who like a challenge!  The hole is smaller and it takes more work to get the kibble out!

Gorilla Chew

Do you have a puppy that likes to chew baseboard? Do you have a dog who LOVES to chew sticks?  Coffee or Java wood is a soft wood that turns to pulp when chewed. Dogs love chewing on this versus the coffee table!


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