Two Decades Unleashed: A Journey from Corporate to Canine Bliss

Twenty years – from where the adventure started. It was April 2019, and the realization hit me: two decades since I graduated from Algonquin College, ready to conquer the corporate world. The journey saw many different paths, with roles in recruitment, coordination, and a substantial stint in events management within the crown corporations of the Government of Canada. The perks were enticing—pensions, benefits, ample paid time off, and an array of extras. Yet, amid this professional path, something was missing; something I couldn't ignore. Enter my multitude of side hustles.

My first step into entrepreneurship was a cage-free dog kennel. There was a demand for cageless boarding which led to the creation of Country Living Dog Resort - Cage Free on a 4-acre property minutes from the St. Albert Cheese Factory!! 27 years old, single, juggling a full-time job AND running a full-time business—terrifying and incredibly stressful. A friend helped manage the daily dog duties, but the 24/7/365 nature of the business took its toll. In 2009, I sold the venture, kicking off a variety of side hustles—cedar barrel sauna sales, speed dating events, pet products at festivals, selling tea and more.

Amid the hustle, a handshake business deal left me with financial scars in 2012, prompting a firm resolution: "No more businesses!" However, fate had other plans. A chance encounter with a dog owner in 2017 reignited my passion for the canine world. Easy Breezy Dog Training was born (named after Breeze, my loyal German Shepherd I had at the time), offering solutions to dog-related challenges. In November of that year, a corporate restructuring led to the end of my position, pushing me further into the realm of dog training.

Despite needing full-time work, my passion for helping people and working with animals remained unwavering. In April 2018, I joined an e-commerce company in Ottawa, an incredible workplace at the time. But as 2019 approached, a pivotal question lingered: "What truly brings me joy?" The answer—helping people, working with animals, and creativity—prompted a life-altering decision in April 2019. I bid farewell to the corporate world, and a 20-year career and directed my focus, love, and attention to Easy Breezy.

Then, the pandemic struck in March 2020, halting everything. The world stood still, uncertainty loomed, and stress skyrocketed. Yet, amid the chaos, an unexpected surge occurred—EVERYONE seemed to get a dog. Business exploded, but finding the balance between work and personal life became a challenge. Amid the chaos, Brain Games For Your Dog - Canine Enrichment Ideas, my first self-published book, provided an outlet for creativity. The next venture, an online training academy, Enriched Dog Academy was launched which includes over 100 training videos, resources, challenges and so much more! 

A new passion for writing books emerged and My Dog is an Asshole - Adult Colouring Book and Dog Training Tips and Bad Dog - Children’s version was born. 

In a few months, it will be five years of “semi-retirement”. Of doing what I love every. single. day.

It's been a roller coaster, but not a single second is regretted. Why? Because every day involves the three things that bring me joy:

  • Helping People

  • Working with Animals

  • Creativity


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