Free Pack Walks (Clients Only!)

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Free Pack Walk Schedule


These pack walks are exclusive to current & former clients of EBDT.


Socializing your dog with other dogs is so important!  Let's do it in a safe and controlled manner.  These 30-50 minute walks will take place in Orleans.


August - October 2023

  • Sat, Aug 12th - 10:00am -  Luc Majors Park 
  • Mon, Aug 21st - 6:00pm -  Luc Majors Park  
  • Tue, Aug 29th -7:00pm -  Luc Majors Park *Pet Item Exchange**  
  • Sat, Sept 16th - 12:00am  - Place D'Orleans Park & Ride
  • Wed, Sep 27th -5:00pm  - Place D'Orleans Park & Ride *Pet Item Exchange**
  • Tue, Oct 24th -5:00pm  - Place D'Orleans Park & Ride **Pet Item Exchange**
Locations: Luc Majors Park - Bilberry Drive. Park on Bilberry and across the street you will see a walking path between the back of the houses. We will walk towards Decarie Park (see photo). Place D'Orleans Park & Ride - Champlain and the 174. Park in the back lot and we will walk down the new road towards Jean D'Arc. Sometimes we loop around, sometimes we cross Jean D'Arc and walk towards Troyes Park.
*Always double-check on Facebook/Instagram the day before/day of to ensure there are no cancellations or changes.

** Pet item exchange - bring your dog items to trade with others.  Dog toys, puzzles, leashes, harnesses that no longer fit, food or treats your dog doesn't like and trade or give to someone who will use it!