The Team

Psssst.....Want to know a secret? Easy Breezy Dog Training doesn't actually train dogs! Say whaaaat? 
That’s because EBDT is also in the business of training you so that you and your dog can achieve your goals together! 
With over 15 years of experience, EBDT is proud to offer top-quality training that creates a harmonious life for you and your dog. Our various training programs will help reinforce positive behaviour, satisfy your dog mentally and physically and also help you develop a healthy bond with your dog(s). AND.....we're going to have lots of fun!

Kyla and Breeze, German Shepherd mix

Kyla Denault is the founder, owner and head trainer of Easy Breezy Dog Training. She grew up in Northern Ontario and moved to the Ottawa area in the late '90's and has made Orleans her home for the past 12+ years.

Across her career, Kyla has gathered a wealth of experience working with dogs and people while also staying involved in her community. 

  • Kyla opened up one of the first Cage-Free Dog Kennels in the early 2000s, which she ran as a successful business until selling it in 2009. 
  • She is a Certified Dog Trainer and earned her Dog Trainer Certification with the Ottawa Canine School in 2017. Kyla is also working towards obtaining her Certified Professional Dog Trainer Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) Designation through The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers© (CCPDT©), the leading independent certifying organization for the dog training profession. 
  • Kyla has been involved with the Ottawa Humane Society for over 20 years. She started volunteering at the OHS in 2001, in the Companion Animal Program with her first dog Storm.  They would visit senior residences once a week. Tuesday nights were Storm's favourite night! 
  • She currently volunteers at the OHS as a Canine Behaviour Interventionist where she helps train dogs and puppies that are up for adoption. 
  • Kyla also facilitates OHS’ L.E.A.D. program (Leadership Education with Adolescents and Dogs). This program matches at-risk-youth with a shelter dog for a two-week program where youth learn how to teach the shelter dogs a variety of obedience training.
  • She has taught at the Ottawa Technical High School, in the Leash Leaders Program, where she educated and instructed students on how to train the dogs they were each assigned through the program.
  • Kyla has also been a Volunteer Coordinator with Heritage Canada since 2010. Here, she helps to coordinate, supervise and manage volunteers during events like Winterlude, Canada Day, the Juno's and the Illumination Ceremony. 

A number of years ago, Kyla asked herself what brings her joy. Her answers were helping people, animals and creativity.  Four years ago, Kyla opened Easy Breezy Dog Training. With her growing success and passion for working with two and four-legged clients, she has recently celebrated her two-year anniversary (April '21) of operating EBDT full time.  EBDT is also proud to offer services in both English and French.

A Note from Kyla

I’m doing what brings me joy every single day and I absolutely love being a dog trainer, especially when I get to work with kids and puppies!  

Whether you have a new pup or want to teach an old dog new habits, our flexible, personalized programs are built just for you! Investing with us is investing in a happy household 😊

Bilingual services are available! (Frenglish from Northern Ontario) 😉


Kyla’s Home Pack


Kyla and Finlay a Sheepadoodle

Finlay is Kyla’s current dog, companion and co-trainer! Finlay works regularly with Kyla and her clients to help demonstrate obedience skills, teach proper play etiquette, engage with people and kids through events and so much more! A now two-year-old Sheepadoodle, Finlay has also helped Kyla grow her understanding around managing separation anxiety, barking at people & dogs, and ways to mentally engage your pup. When Kyla and Finlay are off the clock, they enjoy trail walks with friends, kayaking together and of course snuggles.



Easy Breezy Dog Training was named after Breeze, a German Shepherd mix. Kyla and Breeze found each other when Kyla was looking to adopt a younger dog to help out with her first business - a Cage-Free Dog Kennel. Breeze loved playing with the other dogs and was great at giving them exercise and tiring them out. Breeze was a rescue and had been abused as a puppy. Through patience and dedication, Kyla was able to work on Breeze’s fear of men and separation challenges. Breeze lived with Mystery, a very fat black cat, and they loved to cuddle together. Kayaking and running next to the bike was her favourite activity. Breeze passed away after a healthy 12.5 years of loyalty in 2018. 


Storm (AKA Tempête) was Kyla’s first love! Years ago it was the calm before the ‘Storm’. Kyla remembers sitting amongst a litter of border collie/lab puppies, carefully observing all of their personalities, knowing that her Storm was amongst them. She decided to pick the most calm and chill puppy out of the bunch. The pup was with her an entire week before she could think of a suitable name for him, until she heard the words “Hit the world by storm!” on the TV. Believe it or not, Storm was terrified of storms! He absolutely loved food, sleeping sideways in Kyla’s bed and cheese was his favourite.  He adored his weekly visits with Kyla to retirement residences, as he would always get an hour of solid pets during each visit! Storm was at the start of it all, and when he passed at 15.5 years, Kyla had spent half of her life together with Storm

Welcome to the Pack Laurin!

The newest member of the team is Kyla’s favourite goddaughter, Laurin Moro and is EBDT’s Chief Happiness Officer. She helps keep Kyla organized which allows her to have more time for clients as well as create some awesome dog training content for all of you!

Laurin is currently in her third year at the University of Western Ontario studying Business Management and Organizational Studies with a specialization in food management and marketing. She has recently adopted Jeter, a crazy German Shorthaired Pointer puppy and is excited to learn while she works! 


Welcome to the Pack Carmen!

Carmen is helping with social media and is also working towards being a superstar professional Dog Trainer - just like Kyla!

Carmen adores all animals, but firmly declared herself a “Dog Person” at 8 yrs of age and has been in love with these four-legged beasts ever since. She is currently kept on her toes by 6 yr old Crazy/Sweet Lucy (depends on the day), and has exclusively been a “Boxer Mom” for the last 19 years. With Lucy being her third Boxer, she has definitely gained some experience dealing with hyper, stubborn and silly dogs. 

With one of her long time best friends being a fellow dog lover, Carmen would often seek advice from Kyla when challenged or frustrated. Learning about positive reinforcement training through Kyla has been key at creating a healthy and balanced relationship with her Boxers. Training such a sensitive breed can be tough and Carmen quickly learned that this would be the most effective approach in teaching her dog desired behaviours. She is excited to gain further knowledge and experience to share with all of you as she works towards become a professional dog trainer herself.