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Dog Training Ottawa

Dog Training in Ottawa can be fun!

Training a new dog or puppy?

Trying to tame all the barking and jumping?

Easy Breezy Dog Training will give you everything you need to create a happy household. In-Home Dog Training and Puppy Training programs now available to help you and your pooch live an enriched life together.

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With over 15 years of experience in Ottawa, Easy Breezy Dog Training is proud to provide reliable dog and puppy training programs that will set EVERYONE (adults, children and pooches) up for success!

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Dog Training FAQs

*Updated April 22/21

YES! EBDT is offering private in-home dog training & breezers. To stay safe, we ask that everyone participating in the training session wear masks.

EBDT offers dog obedience training for the Ottawa area. Because EBDT is located in the east end, there may be an additional travel surcharge if you are over 25km beyond our immediate area.

Not at this time. However, if you and some friends would like to organize a class, please reach out! Would require 4-6 people but happy to organize one if you and your friends are interested!

I am Frenglish from Northern Ontario :) Sessions can be in French, however, all written communication will be in English as my French grammar is terrible!