Doggy Tug-O-Lot

  • $4.99

Easy Breezy Dog Training loves supporting young entrepreneurship!

The Tug-O-Lot Toy is handmade by my 12yr old nephew Hagan, who started selling these toys to save up money for a trip with me to Costa Rica for his March Break.  I had mentioned to my godchildren if they saved up $500, I would take them to Costa Rica.  He had $300 already saved up so I mentioned to him that it would be good to have a really long tug toy for my clients with puppies. He started making these and is very excited about this new business venture!

(*update - we went on our trip 2weeks before the lockdown. I asked him in July where he wants to go next year and he said he's now saving up for a car! :)

He keeps 100% of the profits and pays for any expenses.  He is learning about profit margins, marketing, advertising, e-commerce and is having a lot of fun making these!

The dogs love them too! 

Options are: 

12" - $4.99

18" - $7.99

30" - $9.99

The long tug toy is great if you have a puppy.  You can use this to re-direct the shark attacks and save your skin!

To clean just toss them in the washing machine and hang dry. Easy Breezy.

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