It’s Been Nice. But Now I’m Dead Book

It’s Been Nice. But Now I’m Dead Book

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Helping out a local author, Jody Maffett (Orleans) in selling her book.


Inspired by my father’s traumatic brain injury, this journals is a light-hearted way to start the conversation no one really wants to have.

Whether you’re 16 or 60, we all have a lot of “stuff’ in our lives these days. This journal is filled with prompts and space for all of the minutia in our lives.

Examples include: Who will take care of your pet(s)? Who is their vet? If you have a community mailbox, which is yours? Email addresses and passwords. Where are your legal papers (will, POAs, DNR instructions, etc.)? Who is your lawyer? Do you have keyless entry and if so, what is the passcode? Have you made final arrangements – who with? Rewards cards, loans, mortgages, rent payments, store cards, bank accounts, safe deposit boxes and investments. Oof - we have so much "stuff" now, don't we?