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Introducing a new scent class for dogs! This class is designed to teach your furry friend how to identify a distinct scent which can enhance their sensory experience and provide mental stimulation. By participating in this class, your dog will learn how to use their nose effectively and develop their natural hunting instincts.

This class is perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes and can provide numerous benefits such as:

  1. Keeping your dog mentally stimulated and exercised
  2. Providing a fun and interactive way to bond with your dog
  3. Helping to reduce stress and anxiety in your dog
  4. Improving your dog's focus and concentration
  5. Enhancing your dog's natural abilities and instincts

During the class, your dog will be introduced to a scent and will learn how to identify it through various exercises and games. 

Sign up now and watch your dog's natural abilities flourish!

Monday - April 17th

$30 - 3 people

$22.50 - 4 people

If only 3 people register for the class you will be sent an invoice for $8.50.

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